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School Cleaning Montreal and Daycare Cleaning Services Montreal
Every day, educational facilities and day care centers see thousands of kids, students and staff moving throughout their establishment, raising the risk for bacteria and viruses’ transmission.

Maintenance Capital unique and innovative line of school and daycare cleaning services ensures a healthy space for kids, teachers and staff alike.

If your educational facility is not properly sanitized and cleaned regularly, children, visitors and teachers can become ill and germs can spread quickly throughout your facility.

With Maintenance Capital Montreal School cleaning maintain a clean and healthy environment to ensure the safety and security of your employees, students and visitors.

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Ensure the reduction of disease transmission and cross-contamination.
Medical Grade Cleaning Protocols

Maintain a clean and healthy environment to ensure the safety and security of your students, employees and visitors.

Medical Grade Cleaning Equipment

All of our cleaning equipment and cleaning products are medical grade and governement approved.

All our basic Cleaning Solutions Maintenance Solutions Janitorial Solutions usually include:
  • Complete floor care for both carpets and hard floor surfaces (vacuuming and floor wash);
  • Dust and dirt removal;
  • Wall and window cleaning services;
  • Thorough cleaning of classes, meeting rooms, desks and hallways.
An effort (special attention) should be put towards:
  • Stem fungus and mold: Stem fungus in showers, locker rooms, restrooms and any other areas susceptible to develop fungus & mold.
  • Disinfection and sanitation of your high traffic areas: From the staff room to the classes we will disinfect and sanitize these areas susceptible to cross contamination.
  • Disinfection and sanitation of your gym, training equipment and accessories;
  • Carpet & Mats Shampooing & Deep Wash.
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Benefits of choosing Maintenance Capital Montreal Commercial Cleaning
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At Maintenance Capital, we are used to work with work orders; from building managers to maintenance and janitorial firms weather its an emergency work order or a regular cleaning service we will quickly deliver stellar service within your selected time table.
We offer the best quality to price ratio in the industry. All the services of big building maintenance firms at affordable prices.
Our qualified cleaning staff are all highly experienced and have all had a rigorous background and references check, they are thoroughly trained and are devoted to their work.

Let us assert your commercial cleaning needs and build a detailed tasks plan that will fullfill them.